Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 14.01.25Here is a quick update on the T400 temperature datalogger status. In short, there are not obstacles; it is only a matter of doing the work to finish things up.

Here is a video walking through (what several days ago was) the latest prototype. In the video I take you through the user interface and the electronics. You’ll get a closeup look at the thermocouple connectors at the end.

Connectors are done and delivered. I have 10,000 thermocouple connectors and the production tooling sitting on my desk. This has been holding up the project for months as we were repeatedly screwed by the factory. It has been a difficult and educational experience.

mmexport1442815044305In the video you’ll see a v0.12 board that was modified to the v0.13 to test the firmware. Yesterday we assembled the actual v0.13 board and are currently testing. Any issues will be addressed in Electronics Milestone 14. We will have to modify the thermocouple footprint and maybe change some resistor values. Other than that, this design should be ready for production. A reliable PCBA factory is already lined up and ready to go.

The firmware is close to the finishing line. We need to implement¬†one feature as you’ll see in the video; one button will cycle through which readings the graph displays. There’s a few small bugs to work out too. You can see any remaining issues in Firmware Milestone 4.

The enclosure is probably the biggest part¬†remaining right now. The design works and is ready for injection molding, but there are small details that will make it perfect. The tooling will be thousands of dollars, so it has to be done right on the first go. We’ll be reusing the enclosure in future projects too. You can see the remaining issues in Enclosure Milestone 7.

Thank you for your patience with this. I promise the final product will be worth the wait.