t400_prototypeI shot two short videos of our previous generation prototype of the T400 Temperature Datalogger. Things are still in development, so not everything is implemented, but this should give you a general idea of what to expect.

Also featured in this video is the K-Type thermocouple with winding handle we carry in our store. The connector is by Omega, the gold standard of thermocouples.

The first video demonstrates some of the firmware features. You will see how data from one thermocouple channel is graphed to the screen, how to start and stop recording, how to change the time base, and how to toggle the backlight. Though not yet implemented, the graph button in the upper left will cycle through displaying each thermocouple channel or displaying all at once.

This next video is a quick teardown. The power button on this electronics prototype is soldered in an always-on state. The final thermocouple connectors are not on this PCB, so we use automotive fuse connectors. Not all the components are populated.