The Pax Instruments T400 temperature datalogger Kickstarter campaign is live!

The T400 can connect to four thermocouples simultaneously, and logs temperatures directly to an SD card, so it can operate independently or while connected to a computer.

I want to continue developing this product and expand the line to other instruments and I’d love your helping making it happen!

Here’s how you can help:

First, share the Kickstarter campaign on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Also contact any friends you think would be interested in the T400.

Second, if you can submit my project to the tip lines at sites you read, it’ll help my cause a lot. Tell them there’s a Kickstarter project you like trying to make Open Source lab instruments, so people with projects in mind don’t have to spend an arm and a leg.

Third, With a Kickstarter campaign, a lot of the success seems to come from attention at the very beginning. So it would be amazing if you could back this, at least for $1, and then share the campaign to your networks.

Thanks so much for helping me make this a reality.