p1140324_jpg_project-bodyInverse Path, the folks who brought you the USB Armory, have posted an absolutely stunning walkthrough of their manufacturing process. Their tour takes us all the way from digital files through inspecting assembled boards. I just love how they give specific enough information on the equipment to learn more. YouTube, here I come!

The PCB manufacturing is done by TVR, a high quality “Just in Time” manufacturer founded in 1975. Their manufacturing capabilities, efficiency and process quality are remarkable, they are highly praised for the quick turnover in producing complex PCBs with an extremely low failure rate.

The board assembly is done by CIPIERRE, a company established more than 20 years ago and considered one of the best in the country within its field. Their involvement has been essential not only to ensure a smooth manufacturing, but also to provide efficient procurement of all the USB Armory components at the lowest possible cost for our batch size.

Source: USB Armory: Open Source USB Stick Computer | Inverse PathCrowdsupply