IMG_1556If you keep track of the store you already know we recently launched a few new products. We are putting the finishing touches on the T400 and some of our components have been rolling in. We have purchased extra of everything, so we can make these wonderful parts available to you for your projects.

The first product we released is the Pax Instruments Graphic LCD 132×64. Yes, that one-hundred thirty-two pixels wide. Over 3% more pixels than a standard 128×64 pixel LCD. We strive to be the best!

IMG_1549We also have the Pax Instruments Graphic LCD 132×64 Arduino Shield, so you can use our LCD with your Arduino. It features six long stem metal buttons, MicroSD card slot, 3.3-5 V level shifters, and an extra breakout board, so you can use the LCD with a breadboard project. We had the board space, so why not turn up the awesome?

Speaking of awesome, we turned it up to eleven by adding automatic reconfiguration jumpers to each pin on the LCD Arduino shield. No more cutting traces to deal with incompatible Arduino shields; just desolder the trace and run a jumper wire to IMG_1575the desired pin. Bam! Also, everything is nicely labeled to make life good 🙂

The there’s the K-Type thermocouple with winding handle. This is a solid product from an industry leader in temperature measurement, Omega. The PTFE jacket material is good up to 260 C and the wire tip can measure the standard k-type thermocouple temperature range. We just love the winding handle for keeping everything neat and organized.

24b930cf8fe671a7ba4a7ab8db19131f-7042_topIn the coming weeks we’ll be releasing a few more products too. The first will be the Arduino Configuration Shield. This shield is designed with the same jumper reconfiguration technology as the LCD shield. You can use this shield to reconfigure your pin map rather than chopping up your beautiful shields. And because we had the extra room we slathered on some extra awesome in the form of perf board. We’re just waiting on PCBs from our favorite PCB service.

connectorSome time in June we should have the world’s first surface mount thermocouple connector, the Pax Instruments surface mount thermocouple contact. And it’s opensource! Seriously, just go to a factory with our design files and a shoebox full of cash, then you too can walk away with a bucket full of these beautiful contacts. The design is complete and we’re starting production as soon as we have the factory’s payment information.

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