Hello from Shenzhen! Pax Instruments has been in Shenzhen, China for about a month finishing up the T400 design and setting up manufacturing.


We spun electronics version 0.8 of the PCB and had a ton of trouble flashing the ATmega32U4. It looks like we got some bad chips. From now on we will only buy chips from absolutely reputable sources. Spending a day debugging a board is simply not worth saving money on components.

We are just about ready to spin electronics version 0.9. should have the PCBs ordered on Tuesday and be running the boards on Friday.

We have been cranking away on the enclosure and are nearly ready to send out enclosure version 0.1 for our first SLA print. The SLA prints should be ordered this weekend and in our hands by Wednesday.

Progress on the firmware is on standby as we await the next board version.

The only major challenge at this point is determining what thermocouple connector we will use. We are trying to use an off-the-shelf solution. If that does not work out, we are prepared to use a custom connector.