NeodenProductionRocket Scream went to visit NeoDen to check out their new TM245P and they take us along.

Apparently, NeoDen was started by three college friends and has grown to nearly eighty people across three floors of their factory building where they do most of their manufacturing in-house.

When we stumbled upon a desktop pick and place machine on Taobao couple of years back, we thought that these would be awesomely suitable for us in the near future if our hands are no longer able to withstand hours of pick and placing thousands of components. This machine which is known by it’s part number TM220A is made by a small Chinese company called Neoden Technology.

Source: Rocket Scream | Visit to Neoden Technology – Maker of the Desktop Pick and Place Machine

NeoDen TM245P in action:

Neoden TM245P marketing video: