3In a pervious post we mentioned Wingman27’s Arduino Constant Current Dummy Load. A part of that Instructable worth its own post is Wingman27’s videos explaining SPI.

All the tutorial source code used in the videos can be found on Wingman27’s Github page.

I have built a programmable dummy load inspired by Daves initial one, I think it was episode 102? It is capable of constant current, resistance and power.

This is the link to the Instructable http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Programmable-Constant-Current-Power-Resist/ I would really appreciate your feedback on the instructable and the theory within.

I have also done my first 3 three tutorial videos on using SPI that I am really happy with, videos are hard to do well, and Dave does it very well! :clap: :-+

Source: Arduino Programmable Constant Current Power Resistance Dummy Load