haber_processPeter Walsch aims to apply ultrasonic cavitation technology to the nitrogen ammonia manufacturing process.

His proposed method is not necessarily more energy efficient, but it means you may be able to generate ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen on a laboratory scale.

More importantly, however, is how this method might be applied to generating other chemicals.

[Peter]’s idea is inspired by sonoluminescence, a phenomenon seen when tiny bubbles in water implode producing light. It’s estimated that pressures and temperatures inside these imploding bubbles reach 2000 atmospheres and 5000°C – more than enough for the Bosch-Haber process. By injecting hydrogen and nitrogen into a machine that creates these sonoluminescent bubbles, ammonia will be created and turned into fertilizers to feed the planet.

Source: Hackaday Prize Entry: A Fixation On Nitrogen | Hackaday