I’m a mentor at Higgs Hub, a hardware accelerator in Shenzhen, China. I love helping these young companies and startups learn how to make their products in Shenzhen and develop their companies. One of my favorite projects is the Dobot robotic arm.

Robotic arms are the new 3D printing; very exciting technology without a clear use case on the desktop. Even now we have only scratched the surface of home 3D printing with people designing and 3D printing prosthetics.

What will be the first killer app for robotic arms? I’m not sure. I don’t think it will be for having a scaled down factory on your desk for the same reasons I don’t etch my own boards anymore; people like Dangerous Prototypes have made it cheap and easy for me to get boards manufactured and delivered.

I think the most likely widespread application for consumer robotic arms will be in photography. We’ve seen drones replace expensive crane, helicopter, and process trailer shots. But drones are not suitable for situations like indoor product videos of things that can be blown away.

For product videos the photography slider is wonderful. It brings life to otherwise still shots. However, the camera is limited in its motion and control is manual.

I think the winner of the robotic arm wars will be whoever set themselves as the robotic arm video platform. Just take a look at this video. Wouldn’t you love to do that in you next video blog post? Dobot is a rugged and elegant platform and it’s well positioned to become the name in amateur robotic cinematography.