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Arduboy retro gaming in your pocket

If you love open source hardware and retro gaming, check out Arduboy on Kickatarter. Arduboy is an open platform for people to play, create and share games. A game system the size of a credit card. Choose your favorite classic game from the completely free Arduboy Arcade. Built on the popular Arduino software, it’s also [...]

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USB circuit protection shares a hot tip on protecting USB circuits during manufacturing tests and it can be used in other measurement and automation applications. Applications notes like this have been indispensable in designing the T400 temperature datalogger, for which we used TVS diodes and a thermal fuse. USB data-acquisition modules offer good value and ease of use, [...]

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Opensource spectrometer

Pure's spectrometer uses a nice little micro-spectrometer from hamamatsu. At $298 USD on Tindie it's not exactly the cheapest way to do spectroscopy, but it's a tight package and ready use with an Arduino. [Pure Engineering]’s C12666 Micro Spectrometer has applications ranging from detecting if fruit is ripe, telling you to put sunscreen on, to detecting oil spills. Like the [...]

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Automation Board by GarageLab, LLC

The Automation Board by GarageLab, LLC on Kickstarter is a pretty neat board for controlling devices operating at wall current. Something like this could be used for automating devices like hot plates, incubators, and lamps. The lack of enclosure is a bit concerning however. […]

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Breadboard oscilloscope, nScope

The nScope on Kickstarter looks like a convenient way to connect a computer-based oscilloscope to your breadboard project. It also acts as a power supply and function generator. The nScope is a fair deal at $69 USD, we just wish it were opensource.   nScope is a usb-powered device that plugs into an electronics prototyping breadboard. nScope’s [...]

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DIY Spectrometer

Here's a DIY spectrometer (English). It looks hacked together, but it seems to work beautifully.   Typical spectrometers use prisms or diffraction gratings to spread light over a viewing window or digital sensor as a function of frequency. While both prisms and gratings work very well, there are a couple of downsides to each. Diffraction gratings [...]

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Measuring Temperature On An AVR Without A Sensor | Hackaday

Here’s a very novel approach to temperature sensing. This is not accurate enough for lab work, but could certainly be used for general over-temperature alarms on your next project. Thomas basically compares the internal oscillator and watchdog timer temperature drifts to get a rough estimate of the microcontroller’s internal temperature. […]

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UV Badge by x-labz

Here’s a lovely little project useful for monitoring your sun exposure. It even monitors humidity, pressure, and temperature. Well done for using the stunning and low power Sharp memory LCD. And with the simple clean enclosure, it looks a lot better than some other devices on the market. You can find the UV-badge on […]

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