T400 September Production Update

Here is a quick update on the T400 temperature datalogger status. In short, there are not obstacles; it is only a matter of doing the work to finish things up. Here is a video walking through (what several days ago was) the latest prototype. In the video I take you through the user interface and [...]

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T400 Prototype Teardown and Demo

I shot two short videos of our previous generation prototype of the T400 Temperature Datalogger. Things are still in development, so not everything is implemented, but this should give you a general idea of what to expect.

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OpenDAQ is an USB based measurement and automation device, which provides user with multifunction data-logging capabilities such as analog inputs and outputs, digital inputs and outputs, timer, counter and many more.

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Thermocouple connector progress

I am thrilled to announce we have overcome the single greatest obstacle to our forward progress: custom thermocouple connectors. There are a few manufacturing consistency issues to work out, but the design is sound and the connectors work.

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Thermocouple connector prototypes

Two months ago we completed our thermocouple connector design and sent it off to the sheet metal factory. They said we would have prototypes by mid June. As expected, they were about one week late, which is pretty normal. Then they wanted more time. We pushed the factory to give us prototypes before the Dragon Boat Festival in late [...]

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T400 May Production Update

Since our March update the T400 has moved steadily forward. The most challenging aspects of the T400 project appear to be behind us and the T400 schedule is now almost exclusively dictated by factory lead times. If everything goes smoothly, you should have your T400 some time in August, probably earlier. Thermocouple connector Creating the custom thermocouple connector [...]

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Thermocouple connector design is complete

Since our March update we have overcome the biggest single issue we have faced: creating a custom thermocouple connector. It was wonderfully challenging and our team has learned quite a bit. As soon as we have our 10,000 piece order in stock you will be able to purchase the Pax Instruments surface mount thermocouple connector in our [...]

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T400 March Production update

The mission of Pax Instruments is to make opensource lab instruments, the essence of which is the creation of tools to enable your creativity. As we have seen with electronics design and 3D printing over the past few years, amazing things happen when people gain access to new tools that are useful, usable, and affordable. [...]

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Pax Instruments in Shenzhen

Hello from Shenzhen! Pax Instruments has been in Shenzhen, China for about a month finishing up the T400 design and setting up manufacturing. Electronics We spun electronics version 0.8 of the PCB and had a ton of trouble flashing the ATmega32U4. It looks like we got some bad chips. From now on we will only [...]

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The T400 appears at MakerFaire NYC

Alasdair Allan wrote a wonderful article about the T400 and open source lab instruments at MakerFaire NYC. It was a real treat speaking with Allasdair and everyone at MakerFaire who experienced the T400 and really get it when it comes to lab instrument access. The main problem with lab equipment is that it’s expensive. Often [...]

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