Eagle files in Github

One of the greatest features of the opensource hardware community is the abundance of resources we can use in designing new hardware. In the T400 temperature datalogger we extensively used parts from other opensource companies. We also made several Eagle parts of our own too, including those for our custom thermocouple connector and 132x64 LCD. We've [...]

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ISPtouch for AVR Microcontrollers

Daniel Spilker made a nice spring loaded ICSP connector for programming AVR microcontrollers. We've seen similar solutions before; like the Tag-Connect.Most of these designs have the advantage that you don't have to solder a header. However, when the locating pins are included in the footprint, the overall connector footprint remains the same. In the T400 we use a [...]

By | July 13th, 2015|Development tools, Notes|

Nokia phone Arduino shield

Most old mobile phones come to Shenzhen to be refurbished and resold or disassembled for parts and recycled. This is where all those cheap Nokia 3310/5110 LCD shields come from, which is great, but most of the interesting and useful parts are wasted. There is a fantastic opportunity to save a heap of phones from the recycling bin and save people a pocket full of money. We can make a positive impact if we reuse some of these phones, that we are literally tripping over, as GSM bridges to the internet of things (IoT).

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