Pimp My Geiger Counter

Pretty cool thing to see while being irradiated. A couple of years ago I bought a Geiger counter from Sparkfun. It works pretty well albeit somewhat boring; a blinking light and an ascii character via its serial port. Then one day I had an idea: I should make it visually more attractive. I had tons of led-matrixes [...]

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Modular Bench Power Supply

I'm sure a lot can be learned from this design. If we ever do a power supply, this will be a great resource. This is a design for an open source, modular bench power supply with enough features to compete with the mid-range commercial units in the $1000-ish range. This project includes features such as [...]

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VIPER: Python IoT design suite

With the rise of ARM microcontrollers and development board we're seeing an increase in the use of Python for hardware tasks. As its name implies, VIPER — or “Viper Is Python Embedded in Real-time” — makes it possible for Makers, interactive designers and IoT professionals to create their next connected project in Python for the [...]

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Portable Environmental Monitor

Here's an environmental monitor compatible with the Global Radiation Monitoring Network. The portable environmental monitor addresses pollution, the kind that we are unable to see but directly affects our health and causes life threatening diseases such as cancer. Airborne toxic chemicals, radioactive dust and radioactive radon are correlated with cases of pulmonary cancer. Since our biological [...]

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The Factory of the World

The Hackaday folks made a wonderful documentary on what's happening in Shenzhen. Of all the places I've been in the world Shenzhen is the one that feels most like home. I am truly fortunate to be here making the T400 and future products. When it comes to manufacturing, no place in the world has the same kind [...]

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Use Python with Arduino

If you're interested in learning to combine the power of Arduino with the simplicity of Python, these may be the tutorials for you. This series of lessons will teach you how to take your Arduino projects to the next level by having the Arduino interact with the Python programming language. Python is a free program you [...]

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DIY heart and activity tracking device

This open source heart and activity monitoring system would be a great kit. I'll put it on the todo list. A few weeks ago, my doctor told me to keep an eye on my heart with the help of DIY toolkit BITalino, and I wrote about it in Why my doctor prescribed me open hardware. Although [...]

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There are tons of Arduino clones on the market that bring little more to the table than a few extra or different connectors or just a different shape. With the PCIeDuino we see a new form factor that actually brings new functionality to the table: mini-PCIe. Now you can integrate an Arduino board directly into your single [...]

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Eagle files in Github

One of the greatest features of the opensource hardware community is the abundance of resources we can use in designing new hardware. In the T400 temperature datalogger we extensively used parts from other opensource companies. We also made several Eagle parts of our own too, including those for our custom thermocouple connector and 132x64 LCD. We've [...]

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ISPtouch for AVR Microcontrollers

Daniel Spilker made a nice spring loaded ICSP connector for programming AVR microcontrollers. We've seen similar solutions before; like the Tag-Connect.Most of these designs have the advantage that you don't have to solder a header. However, when the locating pins are included in the footprint, the overall connector footprint remains the same. In the T400 we use a [...]

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