T400 November Production update

Here is an update on the T400 project. Summary: Injection molding tooling has begun. Full speed ahead! Firmware The firmware is feature-complete. Yesterday we implemented the feature that cycles through which channels are displayed on the graph. The junction temperature was removed from the LCD, which freed up the bytes we needed. There are three small issues remaining [...]

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T400 September Production Update

Here is a quick update on the T400 temperature datalogger status. In short, there are not obstacles; it is only a matter of doing the work to finish things up. Here is a video walking through (what several days ago was) the latest prototype. In the video I take you through the user interface and [...]

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Dobot robotic cinematography?

I'm a mentor at Higgs Hub, a hardware accelerator in Shenzhen, China. I love helping these young companies and startups learn how to make their products in Shenzhen and develop their companies. One of my favorite projects is the Dobot robotic arm.

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Silicone compression molding factory

We recently visited a silicone compression molding factory with our friends at Dangerous Prototypes. This is the same technology used for making our silicone keypads for the T400 temperature datalogger. I put together a short video showing the overall process. The process begins by mixing a base material with colorant using a roller machine similar to a [...]

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Desktop Michelson-Morely Interferometer

If you're in need of measuring  nanometer scale displacements on the cheap, this tutorial is what you've been looking for. Over the years I've had to measure some unusual processes in systems, and one of the most common 'tough' problems has been the measurement of displacement. For mm-scale motion I've used mice (mechanical and optical) [...]

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T400 Prototype Teardown and Demo

I shot two short videos of our previous generation prototype of the T400 Temperature Datalogger. Things are still in development, so not everything is implemented, but this should give you a general idea of what to expect.

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OpenDAQ is an USB based measurement and automation device, which provides user with multifunction data-logging capabilities such as analog inputs and outputs, digital inputs and outputs, timer, counter and many more.

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Thermocouple connector progress

I am thrilled to announce we have overcome the single greatest obstacle to our forward progress: custom thermocouple connectors. There are a few manufacturing consistency issues to work out, but the design is sound and the connectors work.

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Howto Build a Function Generator

Scullcom has a nice tutorial video series on building a function generator. ...we will design an build a function generator capable of providing a sine, triangle, square, pulse and ramp waveforms. We will be using the XR2206 function generator I.C. A 8 digit 7 segment display will be used to display the frequency. Source: Scullcom [...]

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Hack Cheap PID Temperature Controllers

It's great how Derryn uses an off-the-shelf PID controller and replaces a single board with his custom design. Because the design of these controllers is modular, with a power supply board, display board and separate microcontroller board, I've designed a new microcontroller board that has the same physical form factor of the old board. I'm [...]

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