The Automation Board by GarageLab, LLC on Kickstarter is a pretty neat board for controlling devices operating at wall current. Something like this could be used for automating devices like hot plates, incubators, and lamps. The lack of enclosure is a bit concerning however.

Thinking about using Arduino to automate your home? Do it easily with our compatible board!

The Automation Board is 100% compatible with the Arduino Uno. This way it allows the enjoyment of all the easy programming and libraries that Arduino provides. It’s a strong and versatile board, with multiples resources to develop a fully automation system. The Automation Board dispenses the use of power sources.

Thanks to a power source soldered onto the board itself, it is supplied directly from the electrical grid with voltages between 100 to 240VAC and 50 or 60Hz making it adaptable to any electrical grid around the world.