About Charles Pax

Charles Pax is the founder of Pax Instruments. Charles is the former Director of Research and Development at MakerBot Industries, having developed the MakerBot Replicator 3D printer.

The T400 appears at MakerFaire NYC

Alasdair Allan wrote a wonderful article about the T400 and open source lab instruments at MakerFaire NYC. It was a real treat speaking with Allasdair and everyone at MakerFaire who experienced the T400 and really get it when it comes to lab instrument access. The main problem with lab equipment is that it’s expensive. Often [...]

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Thank you, Kickstarter family

T400 Kickstarter update #1: Thank you, Kickstarter Hello I'm Charles with Pax Instruments and I would just like to say thank you to all my family, friends, and wonderful people on kickstarter who have supported the T400 temperature logger campaign. We're just four days into the campaign and we're now over 130% funded. Thank you! [...]

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Support the T400 on Kickstarter right now!

The Pax Instruments T400 temperature datalogger Kickstarter campaign is live! The T400 can connect to four thermocouples simultaneously, and logs temperatures directly to an SD card, so it can operate independently or while connected to a computer. I want to continue developing this product and expand the line to other instruments and I'd love your [...]

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Pax Instruments is heading to MakerFaire NYC

I am excited to announce that Pax Instruments will be at MakerFaire NYC on September 20 & 21, 2014. Come visit exhibit #42316 "Pax Instruments T400 Temperature Datalogger" and play with working prototype hardware. I hope to see you there. While you're waiting, learn about the T400 or follow Pax Instruments on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, [...]

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T400 thermal debugging

When analyzing or debugging your electronics project one of the easiest places to start is with the finger test. Simply touch your finger to each of the components on your board to which component is misbehaving and heating up.

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T400 temperature datalogger submitted for the Hackaday prize

You can now find the T400 on Hackaday.io. I also submitted the T400 temperature datalogger for the Hackaday Prize. Let’s go to space! Please vote for the T400 if you see it in the voting queue. Thank you for your support. […]

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Assembling T400 version 0.7

The T400 v0.7 PCBs arrived this morning, so I got straight to work assembling a board. I am pleased with the results. I recommend ordering your PCBs through DirtyPCB.com. I do not have a place I can recommend for stencils, but I do recommend them for surface mount boards. This is my setup. Eagle file [...]

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T400 repositories

You can now find repositories for the T400 on Github. The design files are being migrated from the monolithic development repository to Github, so it will be at least a few days until everything is uploaded. You can find links to the repositories and other downloads on the T400 product page. Sign up below to [...]

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