The T400 v0.7 PCBs arrived this morning, so I got straight to work assembling a board. I am pleased with the results.

I recommend ordering your PCBs through I do not have a place I can recommend for stencils, but I do recommend them for surface mount boards.

This is my setup. Eagle file for placement reference, PCB, a kit of parts in part organizer modules. Solder paste, and a solder paste squeegee (I had to live with a scraper). I ordered my stencil with both the top and bottom solder mask. I have clear packing tape sealing the holes of the bottom solder mask.

My parts kit does have the 1 MOhm resistors I added to this revision. Fortunately, I have several SMT parts books on hand.

Here is the board with all the components placed. Some are a bit off kilter. Those will straighten out when the solder paste melts.

Here is the off-kilterness up close. Also note the pressure sensor. Given the limited programming space available on the ATmega32U4, the code required to operate the pressure sensor may not fit. Either way, the footprint will stay on the board for anyone who wants to hack around though the component will likely not be populated.

You can see the difference in this after photo.

A key update on this board is the use of a standard BL-5C battery. Using an off-the-shelf battery will reduce any battery supply issues. This is the connector.

Now¬†stick it in the oven and press GO! Hmm… nice graph.

Here’s the complete board with LCD. I flashed the Arduino bootloader then a sketch. No problems at all!

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